February 14, 2024
1 min read

The Maintenance Manager: Steven Shuey

Join Dave as he sits down with industry veteran Steven Shuey of Palm Springs to delve into the essential strategies for effectively managing HOAs. Gain invaluable insights into what has propelled him to success over the years. This interview offers invaluable guidance on navigating boards of directors adeptly and outlines the crucial steps to becoming a thriving community manager. Tune in for expert advice and actionable tips from a seasoned professional.

(0:00) Steven Shuey’s background

(03:50) Common mistakes Boards of Directors make

(07:26) Reserve study and budgeting

(12:41) His key to being a successful community manager

(21:14) Why Developers believe maintenance can wait

(26:43) Misconceptions of the cheapest bid

(29:09) Berkeley Balcony Collapse & SB 326

(36:35) The broken condo business model

(40:45) How to bring down insurance premiums

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