May 16, 2024
1 min read

The Maintenance Manager: Kevin Davis

Join Dave as he sits down with Kevin Davis, President of Kevin Davis Insurance Services, to unravel the mysteries of insurance in today's tumultuous landscape. With HOAs grappling with soaring insurance premiums amidst a sea of changes, it's time we hear insights from one of the nation's leading HOA insurance providers. In this interview, discover crucial steps to mitigate premium hikes and shrink your liability footprint. Tune in as Kevin lays out a blueprint for HOA success, essential for every board member to understand!

00:00  Introduction

00:57  Kevin's involvement in CAI & how that led him to building the company he has today

02:20  Understanding the most critical policy for board members – D&O (Directors & Officers)

05:19  Biggest problem: HOAs not having enough insurance

08:40  The effects inflation and rising labor costs are having on the insurance industry

10:10  The Champlain Towers South Effect

13:03  How Insurance Companies are forcing HOAs to take better care of their communities

14:55  Trends in the insurance industry & COVID’s effect

16:46  Why outside forces are having to step in and force boards to take action

21:44  Deferred maintenance always leads to litigation

23:50  The blueprint for HOA success from Kevin Davis

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