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January 20, 2021
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The Tiny House Movement

A “Tiny” house is a home that is 100-400 square feet in size.  A small home is something different; it is a bit larger and ranges from 400 square feet to approximately 1,000 square feet.  A “Tiny House” movement has been afoot in the past 10 years, which is an architectural and social movement advocating for tiny homes.  These homes are not just affordable but can also be transitional housing for people who cannot afford a large down payment and mortgage:  people such as students just out of school, young people just entering the workforce, older people living on a pension, people who just want to live a much simpler and/or mortgage-free life and of course, homeless people looking to get back their footing in society.  In California, the movement has garnered much attention because of California’s enormous housing shortage.  But the challenge is that most HOA’s will not allow additional structures sitting on existing home lots – and for obvious reasons.  It will not be surprising to see this movement growing in its reach and influence.  It will not be surprising to see our industry faced with having to aid the movement. You can read more here.

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