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November 4, 2014
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Ooops I Just Spilled! How to Properly Clean Carpets

Red wine, soda and queso dip sounds like so much fun to start, but when it ends up ruining Clubhouse carpets it’s not so fun after all! Parties, meetings, hang outs, you name it, the clubhouse has seen its fair share of dirty sneakers and “oops I just spilled…”. When it comes to high level carpet cleaning, a dab of Spot Shot just doesn’t do the trick, a seven step process is needed.


The difference between surface cleaning and a deep clean is in the details. ProTec’s Janitorial Services recently cleaned this homeowners’ living room carpet, as seen above. To begin, we vacuumed the carpet to remove all the loose dirt. The stained and agitated areas were sprayed with spot remover.

Vacuumed Area
Vacuumed Area

Next, half of the room was sprayed with carpet shampoo and allowed to soak in for 8-10 minutes. After soaking was completed, hot water was used with a commercial extractor. The same process is then used on the second half of the room.

An air mover was placed over the carpet to expedite dry time and prevent re-soiling. Lastly, once the carpet was semi-dry, a carpet maintainer was used to brush and remove any loose fibers from the carpet.


Keeping carpets maintained and cleaned can extend their use for years. Saving you money in the long run by not having to replace due to one fun night! Next time you look down at your carpets and notice spots everywhere…Don’t attempt on your own!

Hire a professional and save in the long run! www.ProTec.com

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