October 28, 2021
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Manager Spotlight: Shelly Holland

PMP Management LLC (PMP) was founded in 2008 with a vision for a fresh approach to community management, focused on extraordinary customer care and a proactive, value-added management style. PMP truly offers a unique experience for Board Member and residential clients alike. With a team of industry leaders from some of the nation’s most respected builders, developers, accounting firms, mortgage escrow companies, and community management firms, PMP has the most diverse and seasoned team of professionals in the industry. Customer care is the foundation for what we do. We protect the value and integrity of their respective communities, enriching the lives of residents and families, which we are so fortunate to serve.

J. David Rauch:  "What are the main changes that you or your company have made in your business due to Covid? Are your boards going to keep Zooming?"

Shelly Holland:  "Zoom meetings have revolutionized how we conduct business and solved one of the great “burnout factors” of community management – night meetings! Board meetings are more streamlined. Since meetings are easy to join and time away from home is reduced, there is more participation and increased communication with homeowners. The path forward likely will be a hybrid model, including online meetings and in-person opportunities where warranted."

J. David Rauch:  "Do you have any advice for business partners on how to reduce community manager's job pains especially with Covid lingering?"

Shelly Holland:  "Communicate! Make the manager’s job easier by not only being great at what you do but be proactive in your recommendations. We don’t know what you know and value business partners who take time to educate us and the client. Share the “why” in what your company does."

J. David Rauch: "There has been quite a bit of purchasing of management companies by bigger companies (roll-ups). Do you see this practice continuing in our industry?"

Shelly Holland:  "Yes, many factors are affecting the increase in mergers and acquisitions. First, the monthly recurring revenue model of management is an attractive investment. Second, larger companies have economies of scale that are enhanced by greater revenue and larger workforces. Some likely tax changes are affecting velocity and enticing entrepreneurs to exit. Founder/owners are developing exit strategies so they can sell to who they want when they want, and at the price they want. I know of a company called Strategy 123 who specifically focuses on exit planning and mergers and acquisitions for management companies."

J. David Rauch:  "If you could give one piece of advice to others in this industry, what would that be?"

Shelly Holland: "One of the greatest benefits of the association industry is the network of other professionals and the friendships that I have formed. Surround yourself with other dedicated people who invest and support each other. The confidence you will gain from continuing education is invaluable. Treat your credentials and designation with equal importance as your college degree!"

J. David Rauch:  "What are your thoughts on the “cause” and “prevention” of the Surfside Florida condo disaster?"

Shelly Holland:  "First, my heart goes out to all the victims and their families. It is the first time I can recall where we watched a disaster happen right before our eyes.  The issues contributing to the collapse are many, and the best minds in the business are examining the cause for the building failure. As buildings age, infrastructures must be maintained. Well-meaning board members must assimilate information from many experts, local legislation, and building codes, as well as input from the community to determine their strategy. One thing we know for sure is whatever the cause or causes of the disaster in Surfside, deferred maintenance doesn’t heal itself. For homeowners of condominiums, listen to what is being communicated, respectfully share your point of view, and retain experts to help you. No one can do it alone, and many voices will make for a better outcome. As an industry we need to continue educating our homeowners and continue the pursuit of legislation that will mandate funding to prevent disasters."

J. David Rauch: "What do you like doing in your spare time; hobbies; passions; other?" 

Shelly Holland:  "I love spending time with friends and family, many of whom “get me” because of their industry involvement, too. I enjoy home projects and working on my patio garden."

J. David Rauch: "Are there any issues that we have not mentioned that you would like to discuss?" 

Shelly Holland: "Staffing. The Foundation for Community Association Research published a great report called Attracting Talent to the Community Association Industry. It’s full of great advice for CEOs to build a company and culture where people want to work. I suggest everyone review the report and work on making community management a great career choice for many professionals."

Attracting Talent to the Community Association Management Industry - Foundation for Community Association Research (caionline.org)

Shelly Holland, CMCA, LSM, PCAM is the Director of Education and Development for PMP Management in  Arizona,  California, Texas, and Utah. Shelly can be reached at sholland@pmpmanage.com.

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