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April 20, 2021
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Manager Spotlight: Patrick Campbell

Interview with Patrick Campbell of Curtis Management Company

April 2021

CURTIS MANAGEMENT COMPANY, INC has been family owned and operated since 1982. We manage common interest developments ranging from 12 to 1600 units. “People are our top priority. We don’t just manage Community Associations; we help build better communities by providing leadership, inspiration, education, and experience to our clients. Our focus is on nurturing a sense of community and helping Association members understand community living through our excellence in work performance, professionalism, and customer service.”

J. David Rauch:  "What are the main changes that you or your company have made in your business due to Covid?"

Patrick Campbell: "I am sure that this is everyone’s answer: ZOOM meetings. Although it is convenient, relationships in this industry are important and due to the pandemic, we were forced to lose personal contact with our clients. I am hoping in the future we can re-establish that relationship."

J. David Rauch:  "Do you have any advice for vendors on how to reduce community managers job pains?  In this Covid time?"

Patrick Campbell:  "Respond and provide proposals in a timely manner. When completing a work order, follow up with the manager or assistant and let them know the work has been completed. This will help to keep our work order reports up to date for our clients."

J. David Rauch:  "Prior to Covid there was quite a bit of purchasing of management companies by bigger companies (roll-ups).  Do you see this as a strategy that you are going to pursue?  Do you see it as a major part of the HOA industry future?"

Patrick Campbell: "I do see it as a strategy amongst the larger firms, however I personally do not see it for me. The plan is to eventually pass it down to my daughters as I fade into the sunset. At that point it will be up to them to proceed in the direction that the future may hold."

J. David Rauch:  "Do you foresee that our industry is headed for any major changes in the future?"

Patrick Campbell: "Automation. The internet has changed the way we all do business. As owners we need to address this subject and research the most efficient way to manage communities in this era."

J. David Rauch:   "What is something you are proud of accomplishing over the last year?"

Patrick Campbell: "That we were able to stay in operation during the pandemic. Many of our competitors shutdown their offices which made it difficult for their clients to contact management. I am proud to say that although we closed our doors to walk-in traffic, our staff of 25 never missed a day of work and we were able to be available to our 13,000+ owners/residents."

J. David Rauch:  "Do you or have you ever had a mentor in this industry? How have they changed the way you approach this job?"

Patrick Campbell: "I certainly do have a mentor. He has been a positive influence during my years in the industry. He started his career as a community association manager, so he understands my job and how difficult the task. He is always available whenever I pick up the phone to seek his opinion concerning any topic. I believe I stayed in this industry because of his guidance. I am a better owner, manager and person because of him."

J. David Rauch:  "If you could give one piece of advice to others in this industry, what would that be and why?"

Patrick Campbell: "Be honest. Clients would rather hear the truth than excuses. People know when you are not being honest and you could lose their respect, which is difficult to regain."

J. David Rauch:  "What makes you smile when you get up in the morning?"  

Patrick Campbell: "That is the easiest question you have asked. My granddaughter, Malin. I generally see her each morning as my wife watches her during the day. She is the light of my life and I am so lucky that I was blessed with her. Can’t wait for her cousins to get here."

J. David Rauch: "What do you like doing in your spare time; hobbies; passions; other?"

Patrick Campbell:  "I enjoy movies, gardening, cooking, sports and being with family."

J. David Rauch:  "Are there any issues that we have not mentioned that you’d like to discuss?"

Patrick Campbell: "In the Community Association Management business it is really the people that make the difference. Company owners need to be supportive to their staff and make the working environment as comfortable as possible. Being in this industry 37+ years I have come to realize it is up to owners, supervisors, etc., within the company to reward their staff whenever possible."

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