California's Changing
March 16, 2021
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California’s Changing Demographics – It’s Different This Time

In 2018 about 691,000 Californians pulled out of the Golden State.  At the same time 501,000 people moved into California from other states resulting in a loss of about 190,000 residents. Most Californians are headed to Texas (86,000), Arizona (68,000), Washington (55,000), Nevada (50,000) and Oregon (43,000). Why does this exodus feel different? Maybe it’s because there are many businesses leaving too this time.  In 2018-19, when the economy was booming, 765 large companies chose to leave California. According to the Hoover Institution, California ranks 48th in friendliness to business. Now with the COVID crisis, the number of businesses and people leaving California has only increased. To read the former Mayor of Ventura’s take on the situation, click here. From high taxes, homeless encampments, over-regulation, and shutting down small businesses while large stores and Amazon thrive – it is driving people out of our Golden State.  

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