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December 9, 2013
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Beyond Timers and Photocells: Wireless Lighting Control is Here

Most managers, HOA’s and buildings use either time clocks or photocells to turn their parking lot lights, landscape lights, signage and other outdoor lights on and off.  While time clocks and photocells are better than a plain switch, they are 1970’s technology. A new company called “Wireless Telematics” (www.WirelessTelematics.com) has patented a wireless lighting controller that allows total internet control and monitoring of your outdoor lights.  It automatically turns the outdoor lights on and off at precisely the right time every day based on the sunrise/sunset times (and longitude and latitude) of the exact location of your lights.

Their lighting controller adjusts automatically every day to changing sunrise and sunset times at that specific location.  In addition, their controller automatically adjusts for daylight savings time changes and power outages.  The days of resetting your time clocks is over.  The ROI is usually less than one year.  In fact, Wireless Telematics recently put one of their devices in a local shopping center and within the first eight months had saved their client more than $1400 in electricity over the previous year!   There is no huge upfront capital cost for the device  – just a one-time setup fee and an annual service fee.   Their controller is an easy retrofit of existing time clocks and photocells and is usually installed in an hour.  Every day that a company continues to use time clocks or photocells is another day of wasting money on electricity.

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