June 2, 2023
2 min read

Updated: Reserve Study Standards

Alongside the release of the Best Practices Report on Community Association Maintenance, CAI also updated and released the revised CAI Reserve Study Standards at the recent CAI National Conference in Dallas. These updated standards bring about several significant changes, one of which is the inclusion of ongoing maintenance activities within your community.

Recognizing the potential consequences of neglecting maintenance in a reserve study, such as inaccurate estimations of useful life, inflated repair or replacement costs, misaligned funding recommendations, and inadequate financial planning, it is crucial to consider all pertinent maintenance information. The exceptional team at CAI, along with the task force members, have pushed our industry to provide a comprehensive and precise assessment of the community's future funding needs. We commend everyone involved in making this achievement possible.

To access the updated reserve study standards and many other valuable industry resources, click here.

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