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When people move into an HOA are they giving up their right for free expression? | iHeart’s Talk Radio KXL Portland | 6/13/22

July 13, 2022

What people say

I am always impressed by the response time and services provided by ProTec. Every service technician is professional and completes the task at hand like it is their own home.

James Z.

Excellent Service Support Company. ProTec supports our HOA with a wide range of services. They 100%focused on the end-customer. I know, I've used their maintenance services several times with outstanding success.

John S.

I've had the pleasure working with ProTec since 2016. They are truly the most professional and extremely fast. The work they do is truly amazing and very detailed.

Tiffany L.

ProTec Building Services are amazing! Every time we call, they are on top of it with the best customer service.

Carolina S.

One of the most reliable companies I have ever worked with on projects.

Gloria A.