Staying Fit
March 16, 2021
3 min read

Staying Mentally & Physically Fit

Make time for your hobbies

When we focus on maintaining ourselves, we think about our skincare routines, getting our nails done, hair done, etc. But often forget about the things we personally love and enjoy. That is why it is so important to set aside an hour or two each week to do something that makes you feel good. Anything from reading, finding new music, baking, gardening etc. - find something that brings you joy and indulge in that. If you are drawing a blank, think of this as an opportunity to learn something new.  You never know when you are finding something that is going to become a new passion or positively impact your way of living.

Set a routine

I’m going to say what we all hate to hear. Make your bed. YEP. You heard right. Starting off the morning with a “win” is statistically proven to enhance your mood throughout the day. By getting yourself into a consistent routine you give this crazy and hectic time a little bit of normalcy. If making your bed every morning is not for you, pick something simple that you can stick to and make it a routine!

Get outside

Ah yes, fresh air. During COVID, this has been a bit harder; however, there are many ways to enjoy some Vitamin D in a safe way! Feeling the sun soak into your skin is not only proven to improve your mood, but your blood pressure as well. You can go for a walk, hike, bike ride or even just sit out in your back yard. Fresh air never disappoints.

Find balance with food

Understanding how food affects your life can help you make better decisions. With the internet at your fingertips, try finding meals that satisfy your cravings and make you feel good! Click here to checkout some of my favorite recipes to make when I’m not feeling very creative in the kitchen. You will be surprised how good you feel when you fuel your body with the nutrients it needs. Don’t get me wrong, I have a HUGE sweet tooth, so click here if you want to check out some great desserts.

I know, yes you need to exercise

Commit yourself to moving at least 30 minutes a day. You do not need to be bikini body ready by the time this is all over, but going on a walk, completing a quick YouTube yoga routine, or just doing some basic bodyweight exercises will help remind yourself that you are still alive, healthy, and able. Other than the obvious benefits you gain from working out physically, your mental health will improve as well. I always say look good, feel good, right?

Practice gratitude

Even though it may feel like life as we know it has come to a halt, it has not. It is important to count your blessings and be aware of what you can and cannot control. Positive affirmations daily help your mental state tremendously. If you wake up and write/say 3 things you are grateful for every day, you will begin to realize you have more blessings in your life than you may have thought. Remember, you have the power to control your mindset.

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