January 19, 2023
8 min read

Leverage the Science of Progress Goals to Achieve Organizational Success

The worlds of sports and business have much in common, from the need for competition, strategy, and teamwork to succeed. In sports, teams compete against each other to secure victory, while in business, companies compete to achieve success. Achieving the desired outcome requires a clear strategy and plan and both rely heavily on teamwork and collaboration. So, how can you gain an edge? What can you do to improve your department, team, or company? One answer lies in understanding why some of the most successful college football coaches focus on process goals. They understand that by focusing on the actions or steps necessary to achieve the desired outcome, they can improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of their teams. And the same can be applied in a business setting, where it can drive success within an organization or team.

Click here to read more about how process goals have driven the success of the Georgia Bulldogs back-to-back National Championships.

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