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May 25, 2016
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Time For Annual Mechanical Equipment Service

ProTec Building Services professional facility engineers support your buildings’ systems by making sure each component stays up to date. Annual service checks to the building’s Hot Water and Cooling Tower components are required to maintain your warranties. It is important to complete the repairs as needed, our annual service program includes:


• Full shut down of all the Hot Water (HW) systems that supplies your building HW.
• Draining and service of the HW storage tank, which includes: proper cleaning (descale) of the interior walls and inspection of lining of the HW storage tank, replacement of Anode rods (if applicable), replacement of the tank hatch assembly gasket , and many other services. Please contact your account manager for more details.
• DHW Boilers are shut down to properly service all internal/ external parts components connected to them. Internal cleaning of control modules and fan assemblies , replacement of hot surface igniters, PRVs, Temperature/ Pressure gauges, inspection/ cleaning of burners, visual inspection of the heat exchanger assembly just to name a few of the services we do.
• HW circulating pumps and expansion tanks are inspected and tested. We lubricate pumps with proper oil and check all the electrical wiring/ connections.
• Valves – there are water and gas valves that are lubricated and exercised. We report any issues found and can provide a cost of repairs.
• A full report is created and sent to the manager after service takes place. Please contact your ProTec account manager for further details.

Cooling Tower and Components
Annual service to the building CT requires a shutdown of the system for a full day. During this shut down no one inside your building will be able to use their AC inside their Units.

• Draining and cleaning of the tower basin.
• Cleaning of the spray nozzles
• Removal and cleaning of the suction strainer
• Cleaning of inside of the tower to include removal of all debris
• Cleaning of air inlet Louvers
• Cleaning of tube bundles and inspection of spray heads
• Inspection of float operated make -up valve – adjust as needed
• Inspection and lubrication of circulating and condenser pumps
• Inspection of fan assembly – turn fan by hand to ensure rotation without obstruction
• Service of motor and fan belt assembly
• Check motor voltage and proper rotation
• Check and adjust tower bleed line
• Inspection of all piping and valves
• Inspection of cooling tower housing and finish
• Inspection and servicing of controls such as VFDs
• Full service to the CT Boiler
• Water treatment not included. It is recommended that you have your current CT water treatment vendor do a descale before this annual service and come back after to check water treatment levels.

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